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    Frustration signing a co-workers document


      I am using Acrobat XI v11.0.19 on a MacBook Air running OS 10.11.6.


      I am having trouble signing documents that are sent to me.  Each time I click to add my signature, Acrobat opens the "Add Digital ID" window.  I must then browse to find my digital ID file, enter my password, and sign the documents. It is about a 6 step process.  As long as I keep Acrobat open I am able to one click to sign all the other files.  If I close Acrobat, I must start the process all over again. 


      I have gone into Acrobat preferences and set up to never logout of my signature file yet each time I quit, I am logged out. 


      This only happens one files sent to me and never on files that originate from my computer.  Those files I can always "one click" sign without logging in.