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    Indesign CC 17 - Changing default font


      I'm trying to change the default font in InDesgn CC 2017. I Googled how to do it, but with NO OPEN DOCUMENTS, there is NO TOOLS panel! HOW do you get to the type tool without any documents open in this new version?

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          You are so close! Open InDesign. Make sure no files are open. Then go to the Type Menu > Font and pick the default font. It will now be set for all new documents, moving forward.


          InDesign CCss_008.png

          If you want to take this further and set the typeface, size, style, etc... use the same menu to open the Character panel (Type menu > Character) and set those defaults as well:

          InDesign CCss_010.png

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