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    Premiere Elements 15 - Incompatible driver - nvidia quadro k620




      I recently installed the nvidia quadro k620 on a few of out PC's. The only issue I am having with them is when we open up Premiere Elements 15, we get an error stating driver is incompatible. I installed the latest drivers from nvidias website.


      I tried deleting the baddrivers.txt but no success.






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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          There is a choice in Preferences to uncheck hardware acceleration.  It seems to have little, if any, effect on actual performance yet can "fix" things if there is an unhappy driver or video card.


          The opposite might also work.  If it is not checked, try checking the box.


          There have also been some issues with Nvidia drivers in the past couple months with various graphics programs, including Premiere Elements.  Solutions have been both rolling back to some old drivers or updating to newer drivers.  


          Good luck!