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    2 Save for Web Color Settings


      Sorry can't find this info online.


      SETTING 1 - Save for Web or Export>Save for Web Legacy...


      Does "Embed Color Profile" checked embed the designer's custom monitor profile or the document profile from Photoshop?


      I have read conflicting opinions on this setting. Some say to always Embed Color Profile so if the browser is color managed it will honor the embed. Not sure why that matters since everyone's monitor color is different. Others say if I want to match images with HTML and CSS colored elements (which is important) to leave this unchecked. What's the right answer?


      SETTING 2 - "Preview" dropdown:

      1. Is "Monitor Color" the designer's or the user's monitor profile?
      2. Does "Internet Standard RGB (no color management)" tell browsers to not color manage the image even though "Convert to sRGB" is checked?
      3. Is "Document Profile" just the assigned or converted profile?
      4. What is the default or recommended setting?


      I appreciate the clarification.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The embedded profile would be the color profile the document is being edited in.  The monitor profile is what save for web uses in conjunction with the document color profile to render you a previews of the image. Photoshop get the profile from your system configuration for the display being used. When you use save for web and the saved file will be used on the web you should also use the convert to sRGB option for that is it should be on the web  for some webs application like a web browser may not be color managed and just assume all images have sRGB colors.  Not embedding just makes the saved file a little smaller.  Web applications will assume the colors are sRGB colors.  You should use the convert to sRGB option if the document is not being edited in the sRGB color space.

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            dailyvideo Level 1

            Thanks JJMack. So to clarify by question item #


            SETTING 1 -Embed Color Profile

            You're saying that embeds sRGB not my monitor profile if sRGB is the image profile


            SETTING 2 - "Preview" dropdown:

            Think you're saying that just changes the preview in Save for Web. I see that now as I experiment. I see no difference between Document Profile and Internet sRGB and I'm guessing that is because they are the same.


            Did you have an opinion on not embedding the profile if I am trying to color match HTML and CSS colors to image colors?


            Thank you very much.

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              First you should understand that a color managed application converts from the document profile into the monitor profile. It's a translation from one color space to another.


              It's not one or the other - both need to be present and correct.  A single profile is like one hand clapping. The document profile is embedded in the file, and the monitor profile is installed at system level. The application reads both these profiles and does the translation.


              • "Monitor Color" turns off the display color management chain, and sends the numbers directly to the monitor without any correction. So this mimics a non-color managed browser.
              • "Internet Standard" assigns sRGB to the file (no conversion - just blindly assigns). It's a completely meaningless setting IMO.
              • "Document Profile" runs the full color management chain, from embedded document profile into system default monitor profile. This is identical to how Photoshop main app always displays.


              I'd recommend you always use a color managed browser (like Firefox), preview with "document profile", and always embed the profile. Check convert to sRGB to accomodate those without color management.

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                I wrote if you have Save for web and have it embed a color profile it will embed the color profile of the color space the document is being edited in what ever that is.  However image on the web should be sRGB images so if your image is not being edited in the sRGB color space you should use the convert to sRGB so the image saved will be an sRGB image and if you are having save for web embed a color profile it will be for the file saved it will be a sRGB profile


                If you are editing in sRGB and your desktop is set to sRGB  why would you think you monitor preview should change. The preview is rendering a image for your monitor not a print preview for some printer, paper and inks.   If not in sRGB the color may shift.  Frankly I think seeing monitor profile in the dialog confuses users more than help them understand color management. If one uses Save for web I feel Adobe should automatically use the convert to sRGB it should IMO not be an option the files saved should have sRGB colors for the web.  I'm not a stickler for colors on my display.  I'm a little colorblind my world is better looking than yours in the first place.   Most people seem to like colors over saturated and more vivid then thye really are.  The important thing is to produce image people like particularly ones you yourself like.