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    Is it possible to create a Print Button that executes a Javascript that will print pages with one specific form field completed?


      I have a 20 page form that we use for performance documentation on new employees. Most of the time, only a few pages are used. I would like to create a print button that, when clicked, executes a java script that will only print a range of pages (one range only) that have been filled out.

      I want to do this by utilizing the page numbers. At the bottom of each page, I have a "Page X of Y" area (where X is the current page and Y is the total number of pages). The Y fills out automatically with the total number of pages after a number is entered (User types in 5, it duplicates across the form for all pages).


      I want to somehow use the X form field as the indicator whether to print the page or not.


      Is this possible? Anyone have any idea what the Java script would even be?


      Thank you so much for your input in this matter!