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    After effects and Thinkbox Deadline


      Hello everybody,


      Recently i have been using deadline for submitting 3d render jobs. Deadline offers such great features like job dependecies.

      This allow user to start job as soon as another one has finish rendering for example.


      The setup i'd like to try is the following one :

      1) Submitting a 3d render of let's say 300frames, we will call it job 01

      2) Submitting a second job while the first one is rendering, this job called job 02 would be an after effects file with one comp.

      3) I was to make the job 02 dépendant on job 01 outputs, this is easy using deadline. I want the after file to load previously Rendered images of job 01 in the comp and make an h264 out of it.


      My question is the following, how can i setup my after effect file to use images of the job 01 outputs ?


      I don't réelle Knowles if it's possible or not but i'd like to have your opinions on it.

      Any other solutions that could match the same setup are more than welcome.


      Thanks by advance.