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    Nudge with arrow keys stopped working


      Yesterday I was working on a document and tried nudging the box using the arrow keys. It didn't work. It is really weird. The selected box flickers with each keystroke, but nothing moves.


      I restarted Indesign and it started working again.


      This morning I opened the same document. Problem reappears. I restart Indesign, problem is still happening.


      I created a new document, thinking the original might have been corrupted. Nope, still can't nudge.


      My arrow keys work correctly, my keyboard is connected. My layers and objects are unlocked.


      My Indesign is 2017, build


      One thing I did do yesterday was install a script. However, looking over the script I don't see anything that would obviously cause the nudge problem.  InDesign: Resize Document Window? - Lena Shore


      Any suggestions?