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    Hiding/removing empty web app fields in <div>

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      I'm currently building a website directory.


      I need to display some web app results wrapped in a styled <div> container. However not all web app fields will be relevant to all web app items in the detailed layout... So, if a field in the web app is left blank, I need the styled <div> associated with that web app field tag to be hidden.


      I believe this is possible with jquery and/or Javascript but I literally have no idea!


      So, if the code currently looks like this, how can I hide it if the web app tag is empty?



      <div class="wiltshire"> {tag_listing region(s)} </div>



          div.wiltshire {

              height: 35px;

              width: 250px;

              background-color: black;

              font-family: comfortaa;

              font-size: 12px;

              color: white;