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    Inserting Images

    michellew52859110 Level 1

      I have several PNG images that I want to insert into shapes.  The images are currently in Powerpoint, but for some reason the copy and paste command is not working.

      The steps on Adobe's website is to select Insert > Image, but I don't have an Image command in the Insert menu.  I just have an Image Slide command in the Insert menu.  I do not want each image to exist as it's on separate slide once in Captivate. These images will serve as rollover images.  They simply will be plain old pictures inside of a circle shape.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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          michellew52859110 Level 1

          Apologies, I meant to write that these images will not serve as rollover images.  Thanks.

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            OMG, that outdated help manual! Since CP8 the Insert menu has been almost totally stripped, most of the functionality has been transferred to the Big Button Bar, that is the bar below the menu, starting with Slides. To insert an image, look for the button Media.


            But you talk about inserting an image into a shape? That is something totally different from inserting an image on a slide.


            • Import the image to the Library (that is the easiest way, instead of having to search on your system later)
            • Go into the Properties panel, look for Fill in Style tab. Change the fill from Solid color (or gradient, depends on the default style of the active theme) to Image.
            • Click on the Browse icon to see the images in the Library and choose the proper image. It is best to uncheck Tile and Stretch. Try to have the image in a size that is not too big compared with the shape:
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              michellew52859110 Level 1

              Thank you very much!