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    Search & Redact: Multiple words or phrase: check boxes


      I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for redacting documents in Win 7 Enterprise.  The Search and Redact feature opens a separate window where I am selecting In the current document > Multiple words or phrase > Select Words.  Another sub-window appears that allows me to Import a list.  At the bottom of this window, are two check boxes: Whole words only and Case-Sensitive.  Currently, these check boxes are randomly re-adding the checks to one, the other, or to both as I am exiting and re-accessing this software program for our next document review.  My question is, how do I default both of these check boxes off from one document to the next?  I am not seeing anything that addresses a default setting in the Edit>Preferences, Tools>Customize Toolbars, Help> Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Help, Adobe.com website, Adobe.com website help, Adobe.com forum searches.  Thanks.