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    The Three Newbie Questions ....

    Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      1: If I store all my originals in an online service such as One Drive or Dropbox is there a workflow for that?

      2: Can a catalogue be broken down into sub-catalogues.

      3: For example if I import images from my iPad or external drive and I delete/move the original from the iPad or external drive what happens to the image in Lightroom?


      Thanks in advance. Still trying to figure out what images end up where and what happens to them.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1.  No.  Basically, Original images must be located on an internal or connected external drive.

          2.  No.   One catalog is recommended. With multiple catalogs you cannot cross reference or look at data in one catalog from another.

          3. "What happens to them?"-  They are permanently deleted, wiped, gone!  There are no images stored 'in Lightroom'.


          I suggest you read the free ebook available-


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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            1. I think that One Drive (which I don't use), and definitely Dropbox requires a local folder for your files.

            So yes, you can can at least use Dropbox for your files.

            I have for some time kept both the catalog and the photos on Dropbox to be able to work from two computers, and this has worked very well. (home and office)

            But it requires some caution. When finished on one computer, close Lightroom, and wait for all files to upload, and make sure that Dropbox is up to date before using the other computer.

            On the other computer, don't launch Lightroom until all files have downloaded from Dropbox (up to date).

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