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    Started a new job today and am editing pdfs in Acrobat.


      Having trouble editing some text that has what appears to be a layer over it. When I attempt to edit the date iwithin the text it moves the entire paragraph of text outside the guidelines and then all subsequent guidelines further in the document  are out of alignment. I have worked in InDesign previously and am stumped by this. Is my problem an added layer that is causing the problem? I have tried clicking on it and hitting delete, but that doesn't help.


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          PDF files were never meant to be edited in such a way, so it's often very

          difficult to do so.

          You should ask for the original file used to create the PDF and then edit

          it and generate a new PDF when done, or export the PDF file to another

          format before editing it.

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            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

            As Try76 suggested, exporting the PDF to a different format may be the best way to get the editing functionality you need. Acrobat itself can export PDF documents as MS Word files. The quality of the conversion is highly dependent on the quality of the PDF file, and sometimes you cannot get good results. In those cases, converting the PDF to high resolution TIFF images (e.g. 600dpi), and then importing these images back into a PDF file, and then OCR'ing the resulting PDF file will oftentimes give you a "better" PDF file and therefore a better Word document. You can also - with 3rd party software - export to InDesign. If you are familiar with ID, then that might be the better option. See here for such a solution (this is an InDesign plug-in): PDF2ID - PDF to InDesign, How to convert PDF to InDesign, Convert PDF to InDesign (I don't have much experience with this plug-in, I looked at the trial version they have and converted a handful of PDF files).