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    Using a page template and spawn, but I don't want one particular field to be renamed to the new page...


      Joel_Geraci helped me massively on this project already, but now I have a question that doesn't fit my earlier discussion.


      I am using javascript and page templates. I have a button that spawns a new narrative page and all of the fields get renamed with that new page number to prevent text from duplicating.


      However there is one field, "PageTotal" that I don't want to be changed at all even when spawned from a template. I want to be able to type "5" and it be duplicated across all of the pages. What I would end up with is Page X of 5.


      Any ideas what the javascript exemption would be so I can spawn the page, but prevent just that one field ("PageTotal") from turning into "P2.Narrative.PageTotal"?