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    Big eye movement performance problems

    Takeitisy Level 1



      I have a problem regarding eye movement control (Independent Mouse Control). As long as my character stays motionless (or slight movements) there is no problem, but as soon as the movement of my character becomes more dynamic it is impossible to control the eyes. Sadly they adapt to the movement in a wrong way.


      To be more specific. For example: I want my character to look at a object (a TV) the whole time. First I record the camera movement without the eyes. Afterwards I record the eyes with the mouse. But if the movements of the character are to dynamic the eyes adapt to them and I am not able to focus the object.


      Is there a way to focus an object with the eyes regardless of the movement of the character?

      The eyes should move independently from the body movement and should not lose their position because of the current character position.


      I show you an example. In the video you can see that I am not able to focus the tv properly.


      Szene – Tvshow hintergrund.mp4 - Google Drive