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    Newspaper - Advert management workflow


      Hello to all,


      We are in the process of setting up a newspaper and looking at what options are available to help us sell and manage print ads for the newspaper.


      Unfortunately I am not sure where to start or what to search for.


      What I have in mind is our sales staff will be selling print ads to potential clients, clients then send us a print ready PDF of their advert on a scheduled date and our layout artist receives the details for placement as well as the artwork.


      Is there some cloud based service or indesign plugin to help us with this? Or otherwise how do you handle something like this?


      Thank you for input.

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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          clients then send us a print ready PDF of their advert

          Printing on newsprint is challenging in a number of ways. Usually the press will have a much lower ink limit and if it is exceeded there will be drying problems—the default US SWOP Coated allows 300%, while US Newsprint SNAP only allows 220%. Also the color gamut is much narrower, so if you take in documents setup and saved with the InDesign defaults your clients may be disappointed in the change in color appearance and you might have total ink problems on press.


          If the press is printing to a color standard you could provide templates with a corresponding newsprint profile assigned, suggest that Overprint Preview is turned on, placed images are RGB, and provide a PDF preset for export (PDF/X-4 standard with the Output Destination set to the document's newsprint CMYK profile). But, it will be very difficult to control what actually comes in.

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            MW Design Level 5

            Flatplan software is generally used in larger (and some smaller) newspaper and magazine publicaiton. For instance, this link looks at some they consider the best--and please note I have never used any...


            Best Publishing and Subscriptions Software | 2017 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems


            Some smaller newspapers I have been involved with use a spreadsheet to keep track of advertising and what is on what page.

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