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    What is the best way to toggle between different languages using the same help file?


      Hi all,


      I am currently working with my software architect to find the best way to toggle between different languages in the same help site using Responsive HTML. He did some research and found this Generating help in multiple locales using Adobe RoboHelp 10 | ADOBE GLOBALIZATION BLOG


      I proposed using Conditional Tags in my Help content, and filter between En, De and ES. I assigned the different languages at topic level within each book (Book 1 contains EN, Book 2 German etc) for each different languages, i.e. Book/Topic - DE, Book, Topic - En etc. And then create Conditional Tags based on the languages. I outputted this and seems OK, but the filters are kind of ugly and I just wanted to know if there is a more effective way using Responsive HTML?


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      Luke Pivac