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    Advice: SWF Dealing Large Data

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      Dear Group,

      I am considering what is the best way to load and present a large number of
      records that is to be extracted from an SQL database, queried through Visual
      Basic and presented in Flash.

      Roughly speaking I will be extracting up to 15,000 records (member no, name
      and address). I plan to extract the data into 5 xml files (e.g. surnames A -
      D being one XML) for presentation in a member address book presentation. Can
      anyone offer me advice on the best way to present the information. I was
      considering loading the xml into a variable, looping through the nodes and
      showing 20 at a time. Each record would be a different movie clip using a
      variation on the code below as a starter. The "Person" movie clip would
      store the three details as listed above.

      var total = 15;

      person.duplicateMovieClip("Person"+hiThere, hiThere);

      Can anyone offer me some advice on the way they think it is the best to
      store and present this data?

      Thanks again.

      Alastair MacFarlane