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    After Effects CC 2017 14.1 causing Windows 10 not to respond?


      Hello, Is there a known issue with AE CC 2017 running on Windows 10? I just started using AE on a new laptop. I can use AE for awhile and it works, but then suddenly my whole PC locks up and I cannot type anything in any app, AE freezes, browsers freeze, etc.

      I get errors messages often saying "Microsoft Windows: The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait. Do you want to end the process? END PROCESS/CANCEL". But nothing happens if I click END PROCESS or CANCEL. Or sometimes no error message appears but have the same issues.

      Then I cannot do anything, sometimes I can access task manager, but it will not end the task and I have to manually reboot several times to get anything working again. This happens every time I use AE, and does not appear to be triggered by other app usage.

      I am on:

      Windows 10 Version 1607 for x-64 based Systems

      Lenovo Ideapad Y700-17 Laptop - 80Q00011US Laptop Computer/ i7-6700HQ Processor/512 GB SSD/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB/17.3" FHD IPS Display (1920x1080)/ 16GB Memory/Win 10

      AE CC 2017


      I was on a chat with Microsoft and I believe what they did was to uninstall a Windows update from 2/10/17 but that did not help. Appears NVIDIA display failed to update on 2/10/17.

      PS: now I am getting error "NVIDIA Display settings are not available. You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU"