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    Freeze / "Another Session Recording" What to do?

      During screen capture, Captivate invariably freezes on me when recording Web application. Upon restart (both of Captivate and of computer), when I try to record I get a message that says: "Another session of Adobe Captivate is currently recording. Please close the other session before trying to record." And now I can't do anything. But nothing else is open. How can I get around this? Do I need to reinstall? Why is it freezing so much? Thanks for any help from anyone!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Leaky

          Sometimes we see that Captivate and whatever it is you are trying to record are incompatible for some reason. Who knows why. Phase of the moon perhaps? Sunspots?

          Anyhoo, if you find that your application seems to fall into that category, you may find you have better luck establishing a remote desktop connection between the PC with Captivate on it and a PC that can run the application while you are in remote control.

          Rebooting the PC normally resolves the issue of the second instance of recording. I'm surprised that is happening.

          Cheers... Rick
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            LeakyFaucet Level 1
            OK thanks Captiv8r. I think what happened was I forgot to select "end" on the keyboard. D'oh! It seems to work now, and after completely turning off the computer (not just "restarting"), the message disappeared.