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    Basics? linking to another swf and preloader issues

      This is my first "project" using flash so excuse me if the answer to my issue is a simple or straight forward one.

      I have been tasked to create a simple site in flash site for a photographer. With a home page, contact page and gallery. I have created the home page and contact pages in the same flash file, but have built the gallery as a seperate file as it was quite complex and wanted to work on it as a blank project.

      I have 2 issues now. The gallery file is around 1mb so would like a very simple preloader. From looking at various tutorials I am still unable to get it to work. As I have it at the moment. The gallery is is on one frame of the timeline so I inserted a frame before this, put a throbbing piece of text from a mc on this so there is something to see while it loads. In the script for this frame I have:

      ifFrameLoaded (_totalframes) {
      gotoAndPlay (2);

      When I play this file I just get a blank screen for a few seconds while it loads (testing on a test site so it comes over a network) and then the gallery appears. No loading text. The loading text appears on the stage in flash. I am assuming that it is just playing the movie to the gallery frame without waiting at the first frame for the rest to load.

      Once I have solved this. I would like to be able to click a link in the initial swf main screen which then loads the gallery movie in the current window in place of the main swf. Is this possible or would I have to merge the 2 files into 1? If not, it is not a huge issue as I can link it to a seperate html page containing the gallery.

      Any info or help anyone could provide would be gold.

      If you need any more info or sample, please let me know


      (ps I am using actionscript 2.0 on CS3)

      edit.. Just another thought... Does the above script just check if the frames are loaded, regardless of assets? All the images and thumbs in the gallery are MC's called by actionscript