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    How to get falsely rejected image approved



      I am new to ASt and still getting to know the system with its processes.

      I just had a file (ID: 137209263) rejected for "intellectual property" infringement. I understand why the inspector rejected this file not knowing the specifics about the image. The main objet shows some writing and a number on it. This however, is just the name of the mountain pass and its elevation where it is located. It's not some personalized or identification writing.

      I have been a contributor to other major stock agencies where I did not have a problem getting this file approved. I would have been happy to explain this in a note to the inspector if such a feature was available as it is with other agencies.

      How should I approach this in similar cases in the future?


      Thank you


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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Hello Pius,


          Thanks for writing. There is not an appeals process in place for rejected content. I can tell you that any boat or canoe with identifiable marking will not be accepted without a property release signed by the owner. I understand your point that the identifying markings are serving the purpose of a sign as opposed to a boat ID tag however it's irrelevent as we have no way of knowing if the sign is trademarked or not.


          -Mat Hayward