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    Searching across two Web Apps

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      I'm building a directory website that has two levels of paid-for membership: Standard and Premium.


      Standard listings will have simple business/contact information, while premium members will have upgraded features including picture gallery and social media links.


      To do this with web apps I can only think it being possible by creating two separate web apps, one for each type of listing. The standard web app doesn't require a details page.


      However, I require both web apps to be searchable using the same drop-down criteria and being returned in the search results. I have named web app criteria fields the same in each web app.


      Is this possible???? I've been trying to amalgamate the data from two web app search forms with no luck and now tearing my hair out.


      Help anyone?!!

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          It'll be complicated to search two web apps if you need to search through more than the keywords and desc fields; regardless of whether you name the fields the same, as the fields will be assigned names such as CAT_Custom_1, CAT_Custom_2, etc.


          In my opinion, you are better of just using one web app with a radio field that marks an item as either standard or premium, and then use conditional logic on the {module_webappresults} to display the data how you like.


          As for the standard items not requiring detail pages, you'll likely need a trade-off here. You could just display the items list info, and perhaps a list of similar items, both premium and standard.