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    SCO Launch a SCO


      At the end of a Flash course I wish the user to click a button that will SEEMLESSLY launch the QuestionMark Perception Assessment. How do I code the Flash button or a html button for that matter to launch the Perception quiz?

      These files reside on our company LMS. Are there any SCO launch SCO issues?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can use getURL() to open any file type your browser can interpret.
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            iaustin Level 1
            Thank you for your response. But, I use getURL() thousands for times to launch a html or pass values.

            What I need is insight as to how to launch a Percepton sco_2 from my fla sco_1. The problem seems to be that one sco can't launch another sco?

            I have two sco's on the SAP LSO portal.
            sco_1 is the Flash course
            sco_2 is the Perception quiz.