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    How to import multi page pdf as layer?


      I've searched high and low but I can't find any definitive answer to how to import a multi page pdf as a layer into another multi page pdf without having to do it page by page in the import as layer dialog in Acrobat Pro DC.


      Say I've got a 200 page book that's going to be printed in multiple languages. I've got one pdf with my image layer, and one pdf with the copy for each language. I need to import a copy pdf as a layer into my image pdf. Both pdf files have the same number of pages, so I want page 1 of the copy pdf to be placed on page 1 of the image pdf, and so on. So doing it page by page for all languages is of course out of the question.


      I've read answers hinting that it might be possible with some kind of javascript in Acrobat, but others say that it's not.


      Any ideas?


      I'm running Acrobat Pro DC for MacOS.