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    Error 16 - Lightroom - 6 Windows 10




      I am kind of desparated with my Lightroom 6 full version and its Error 16.

      But first the Basics:

        I am running a PC using Windows 10 and have a bought Lightroom 6 full version (no CC, no download)

        I have checked the permssions and have read this not helpful page of adobe regarding the configuration error


      What I have done so far:

         Check for Folder AdobePCF and SLStore (both don't exist on my system)

         ReInstalled the systems several times (works for one day)

         Re/Deinstalles CreativeCloud for several times (no effect)

         Adjustes the permission of the Adobe-Folders found (no effect).


      And now I am kind of at the end of my expertise ...



      Installing Creative Cloude let's Lightroom start for one day and after this I get the message "Adobe Creative Cloud is needed to resolve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged. Please download and install a new copy of the Creative Cloud". Uninstalling then Reinstalling ACC extends the usage length to another day ... Using CC Clean Tool doesn't help and the permissions are set as required. Same goes for deleteing the OOBE folder.