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    cutting/pasting audio from video to video


      I am considering buying this product, but need to know if I can take the audio of one video and put it to the picture of another video. I use two GoPros to film one event, but the GoPro editing software does not separate audio from video. Hope this question makes sense. Thanks.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Yes and no!


          No you can't cut and paste with the usual "CTRL C" and "CTRL V".


          But, yes there are good ways to do it.  One would be to load a video clip and export just the audio track to a new file that can be used anywhere. 


          Another way is to separate the audio track from the primary clip within the project and move or copy it to other tracks.


          A third is to layer the clips so that only the video from camera 2 shows up and covers the video from camera 1 while the camera 1 audio plays continuously. 


          You can download and install a fully functional trial copy for free.   It will embed a logo on output files, so don't do anything big with the trial.  There are ways around it, but you could end up doing a project over from scratch!


          Good luck with your project.