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    CFMAILPARAM - Attachment Lossing Names

    Raymond Cheung (HK)
      Hi all,

      Currently, I'm using CF7. When I attached a PDF inside a CFMAIL, the filename within the email became "ATT411668.dat", instead of "FileName.PDF".

      1) I've removed all the non-alphanumeric characters.
      2) I've truncated the filename to only 49 characters.

      Assume #docname#.PDF exists.

      Do you know why? Please advise. Thanks.

      Best regards,
      Aumaz Jang
        • 1. CFMAILPARAM - Attachment Lossing Names
          SafariTECH Level 1
          This will happen at the recipient's end depending on the mail server/client they use ... you could send a pdf from your desktop to the same recipient and it will happen with that too.

          It could be a security reflex that it changes the file to a non-binary format if it is not trusted or seems to be coming from a questionable source.

          A number of the government servers seem to do that - no idea why, but renaming the file at the recipient's end generally allows it to open properly.

          Nothing you do in your code is going to change that.

          *** If you are storing the file on the server, you may want to include a line in the message that gives them a URL if the attachment can not be viewed properly.