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    Placed Images Suddenly Become Blurry When Exported to PDF

    InaLandCalledHonahlee Level 1

      I am working on a flyer and I have 3 placed images that look just fine while working in InDesign, but become extremely blurry when I export the document to a PDF. My display performance is set to high quality, and all 3 images are PNG and none were edited using photoshop or rotated. They were simply placed directly into the document positioned and sized. The strangest part is that I have been working on this document off and on for weeks and this wasn't an issue until today. I had exported this same InDesign document with the same 3 images at least 10x with no issues like this.

      The first image is just a place holder until I decide on which licensed image to purchase, but is still a high quality image and should not be blurry. Here it is in the InDesign document:

      and here it is exported into a PDF:

      Second Image:


      Exported PDF:

      And third image (looks like the second one but they are different files):

      and exported PDF: