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    Easiest way of moving multiple copies of the same multi-layered character?

    A.I.1 Level 3

      If I have a character (animal) made of multiple layers (body=the parent, and there's a layer for head and 4 duplicate layers for the legs (no joints at knees currently - and for simplicity I probably won't have any)).


      If I want 8 versions of this character (ie. some will be a different colour, a few with slightly different faces) all on the screen simultaneously, walking across and down the screen, is there a simple way to manage this?


      Am I best pre-composing (I haven't used that much) and having each character on a different pre-composed layer?

      Am wondering the best way to keep the project simple and easiest? Perhaps copy a pre-composed layer to a different one and alter any colours, heads etc?


      What about walk cycles? Just copy and repeat the keyframes multiple times?