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    Help me understand your charges because its utterly unclear to your customer!!

    lizs77432455 Level 1



      I have a creative cloud photography subscription - nice and easy that..£8.75 per month debit from my credit card. Perfectly happy with that aspect.


      Last October I decided to take advantage of the much touted 10 free stock images a month which I 'thought' formed a part of my package. It only transpires now I'm checking my credit card statements that I unwittingly subscribed to a year's stock membership at £23.99 per month, and now I'm attempting to cancel I am informed I will be charged a cancellation fee of £83 (daylight robbery!!) because I'm cancelling 'within contract'.


      When trying to cancel my subscription I'm informed if I keep it for 60 days I won't be charged anything extra for the 60 days! This makes no sense at all - a) I cancel and am charged a hefty fee or b) I stay on another 60 days free of charge? Please clarify further!!


      In essence what I want to know is what happens after the 60 days? Is this a ploy to roll me back to a monthly subscription after 60 days?


      It seems to me you don't make your policies clear enough to customers AT THE OUTSET. It's very easy to click a button in error or mislay an email so you need to reinforce after a submit button exactly what the customer is entering into (a legally binding contract) - I don't recall this happening in this instance and although I've just discovered the 'welcome to adobe stock' email...again, this gave me no clue I had entered into another contract with Adobe. Very poor communication on Adobe's side I think.


      The other point I will make is this: I've only used 28 images (textures) since October and some of those fell in the same month so it appears I've incurred extra charges. This equals £5.00 per image which far exceeds what some photographers are charging for downloading textures on other websites. So you ask me why I'm cancelling a subscription I never wanted in the first place - simple, its vastly expensive!


      Your advise is awaited. Thanks, Liz