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    Time lapse clip produces color bar sections within the clip.

    Walter Ungerer

      This is a recent occurrence after several years of following this procedure with no issue. RAW files created in a digital camera are downloaded to my hard drive, then imported to AE. Once there, they are rendered as a film clip (mov. file). The resulting 300 frame film clip will have the first section (maybe 20 frames) reproduced properly, then 160-170 frames of color bars,  then 10 or more frames properly reproduces at the end. Sometimes this will not occur, and I will have properly produced film clips (.mov files). The RAW files look fine prior to importing them to AE. They also play fine in the camera prior to exporting them from my flash card.


      When I import the RAW files to AE, I resize them to 1920x1080 size and do frame blending. This is not a new procedure. I can only guess the problem is in AE and my AE settings need to be checked and possibly changed.


      This situation doesn't exist when using jpg files.


      I'd appreciate any input to overcome this dilemma.