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    URL link not working

    brian704 Level 3

      I have a document that has several URL links. 2 of the 6 links do not work - the others work fine. The links all work if you click the green dot in the hyperlink panel.

      I'm trying to create the document so we can send all these links out to our workforce for use on their tablets, but with some not working it won't be much good.

      Any thoughts?

      Here is a link to the document:


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          brian704 Level 3

          I added a frame around one of the links that was not working and added the same link to the frame - that is working - very strange

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            bucksommerkamp Adobe Community Professional



            I tried the page and all six of the links appear to be working. I did notice a little inconsistency in the way the links show up in the status bar of the browser (lower-left corner) -- some had the http: or https: prefix showing in the status bar when hovering over the link image; others did not. But it seems that in most modern browsers, the prefix shouldn't make a difference as long as the code pointing to it is correct.


            From way out here in the Midwest, it all appears to be working!

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              brian704 Level 3

              So I did find a work around, but if anyone has any incite as to why the problem is happening that would be appreciated