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    Font appears fine in Acrobat Pro DC but different in Chrome


      I have a PDF that I'm trying to edit. While in Acrobat, editing the text causes no problems and the document looks perfect. When I save it and open it in Mac PDF Preview or Safari web viewer, the document looks fine too. However, when I open it in Chrome's web viewer, the new text appears a bit thinner and different.


      This same issue appears to be discussed here for InDesign: Does anybody know why type might render strangely when viewing a PDF in Chrome, Firefox and IE?


      However, that post is rather old and I'm not sure why this is still occurring? I'm worried that the people I send it to will see the incorrect fonts. How can I fix this without using a different font? It's "ColaborateLight" font by the way, if that matters.


      EDIT: I'm also noticing that the font giving me issues has "Identity-H" encoding while the others have ANSI encoding. Is this relevant at all?