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    Problem with updating AIR app

    Highland Matt D Level 1
      I've had updating working fine until I recently started using a secure digital certificate. I realize that I can't update from the an old version that had the certificate I generated myself, but even after uninstalling the old version and installing a new version that was created with the new certificate and then trying to update it give's me this error:

      Sorry, and error has occured.
      This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance.

      For my update process I'm downloading the updated .AIR file, saving it to the applicationStorageDirectory and then calling the updater. Once the update fails, if I then browse to the updated .AIR file and run it directly, it works fine and I'm able to update that way, so I know that the .AIR file isn't corrupted.

      Is there some other important element I'm missing that could be causing this to fail?