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    Need Help From Jullieanne Kost


      Hi Julieanne -


      I only found about the CPPlus event in Yokohama this morning.  I was truly delighted   to see you on the program for three seminars on LR & PS on Saturday the 26th of February.  I am a long term American expatriate here continuously since 1998 and I am a serious amateur photography person  I live about three hours from Yokohama and have registered online for the venue but... was really disappointed  to find out that your seminars were closed.  I contacted the organizer, making a plea to put me on a waiting list (they don't have one), or to allow me to stand quietly in the corner.  They said to stand by and I could get in if any seats are empty.  Also, if I watch the website 24/7, if there is a cancellation, the button will will change and allow registration.  There are few opportunities for photography education in English, so I saw this as a very rare opportunity.  I am a customer of Adobe and use both LR and PS Creative Cloud since 2014 and am loving it.  I'll try my very best to get into the three seminars, but because of the rarity of getting to such an event is so important to me,  I would be remiss if I did not ask you directly if you could have me squeezed into those seminars on that Saturday.  I know it is a lot to ask, but I have to ask.  To have you be so close and not be able to learn from you will be very disappointing  .  Adobe has my email address.


      There apparently is no way to contact you directly, as your email auto-reply says that you are too busy to respond to emails.

      Respectfully and cordially,


      John Wocher

      Kamogawa City

      Chiba Prefecture


      Event Registration # 637776