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    Compositor Link - 3D Studio Max


      Am I alone in wondering what on earth is going on here?


      After announcing the Compositor Link integration as a 'New Feature' a few years ago, the whole process (in current versions of the software) is now broken, unsupported and has been swept under the carpet.


      Who is to blame for this?? Adobe?? Autodesk??


      You can't just remove a feature that people are using without acknowledging it and explaining why.


      Or have I missed something??

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That's entirely Autodesk's decision. I don't see what Adobe has to do with it beyond their software being so screwy in recent versions that third parties decide to not put up with it.



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            Mark_PBM Level 1

            I'm posting on the Autodesk forums too, so let's see if they blame Adobe, eh?


            I get so infuriated when the CC interface defaults open to 'Latest Versions' - as though my life will be better/easier if I update all my apps. It won't when problems like this occur (and others in Muse, but that's another story) and I have to explain to clients why I can no longer do something I did easily for them 4 years ago...