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    Would syncing our own perpetual licensed font (outside of Typekit) ever be a feature in Typekit?

    sarah deniseb54422546

      As a Designer, I have several fonts outside of Typekit that I use across my devices (I use Adobe CC) and Typekit has been a nice feature so fonts won't suddenly go missing. I usually work on my desktop, but at times, I use my laptop or other devices. From there, I can just download my files from the Creative Cloud and edit my work but then I do not have the font because it is only in my desktop, and suddenly I find myself looking around the internet where I got my font and it takes more time than intended.


      I'm just wondering (and hoping that it will eventually be a feature) if we can add our own purchased font from somewhere else and add it to our library of fonts so I don't have to install fonts every time I go on a different device because it syncs by itself -- so it makes using Adobe CC a more seamless workflow system.


      I do know that you can save your fonts on the Cloud folder but then you have to add steps like searching, downloading and installing the missing fonts. If I'm using a computer that is not mine, I can't sync my Cloud files into it.