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    How to know which fonts is installed by adobe CC ?



      First I have a fresh new install on my mac : from formatted HD => mac OS => adobe CC.

      I have some fonts installed I don't understand from where or how they could come from.

      For exemple : Birch (I must have +/- 50 fonts like this)


      It's not an apple font.

      it's on typekit but I don't have this font synced in my list of synchronised fonts in my typekit account.

      I don't see any other possibilities than it came with my adobe CC installation.

      BUT, after reading FAQ and articles about fonts and Adobe CC, nothing seems to install adobe fonts (except sync with Typekit)?

      So, I really don't understand what this font is doing on my computer ?

      I want to have a clean font directory with everything ok for licenses and it's hard to do if I can't know from where some fonts are coming...

      Thanks for any help, I've searched for days now.


      PS : sorry if my English is not very good, I'm French.