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    Stuck trying to read the global light angles (Cannot identify key type)

    Heimdaal Level 1
      // Place the enumeration into the document descriptor
      var document = sTID("document");
      var ordinal = sTID("ordinal");
      var target = sTID("targetEnum");
      var ref = new ActionReference(); 
      ref.putEnumerated(sTID("layer"), sTID("ordinal"), sTID("targetEnum")); 
      var desc = executeActionGet(ref);
      var keyID = desc.getKey(11);


      I've tried all sorts of methods on this key and I don't know what to do with it. IE: How do you go into it deeper when you can't even find out what TYPE it is?


      desc.getBpolean(keyID); // returns true

      desc.getDouble(keyID); // returns 3

      desc.getInteger(keyID); // returns 3

      desc.getList(keyID); // returns an ActionList -object containing nothing

      desc.getType(keyID); // returns INTEGERTYPE (because duh... the key is a number)

      desc.getUnitDoubleType(keyID); // returns a new keyID for noneType

      desc.getUnitDoubleValue(keyID); // returns 3



      Where is the global light - altitude angle, stored? How do I retrieve it?