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    How I locked up RoboHTML 7 by adding a folder to the project

    Jon A.
      I had fun with RoboHTML this morning, and thought I would share in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

      I had just upgraded to RoboHTML 7 the other day, to get around a problem I was having with Google Chrome and my WebHelp files, and I was still getting set up in the new version.

      I had problems adding graphics to pages: the old way (CTRL+G, select file and OK) didn't work, and I thought the problem was that RoboHTML wasn't recognizing my graphics folder. (It turned out the actual problem was a bug that is now fixed in v. 7.01, so go get the upgrade if you're having similar issues.)

      My graphics folder was named "Graphics" and was in the same folder as my subfolders for the help file topics. But it didn't show up in the list of folders in Project Manager, and I couldn't find a way to add it. So I had the bright idea to just add a new folder in Project Manager, and give it the same name as my existing Graphics folder, and maybe it would just recognize the existing folder.

      Yeah, that didn't work.

      Instead, it caused Project Manager to lock up the whole app: it wouldn't do anything, and the mouse just flashed the busy icon on and off. Shutting down the app and restarting did not help, as RoboHTML would lock up again as soon as I reopened the project.

      I finally had to go in and edit the root.fpj file by hand, and edit out the reference to the Graphics folder. (Hooray for human-readable config files!) Once I did that, I could open my project again without it locking up.

      And once I upgraded to 7.01, I could add graphics again the normal way.