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    Video File from my .fla file does not have audio!


      @@Hi guys! I need some help with this. I am a complete noob to Animate (in fact, almost new to flash!)

      I created a very basic animation (totally classisc tweens with text fading in and out using alpha). There is audio in the background. It tests perfectly!

      I will have to export a video out of it. No other options.

      When I did that, I found that no .swf was being generated. It said something about Adobe Media Encoder. I went ahead and installed it. Don't know why,but whwn I installed CC for the first time, AME was not installed automatically.

      When I went ahead and exported video, this time it worked. But no audio in the finished video! The animations were perfect, though.

      Then Adobe Help pointed out that the document type should be Actionscript rather than HTML 5. So, I did the needful.

      But again, the fnished video has no audio. Animations intact.


      I have tried both options: Use Media Encoder and not using this, during the export video process-Either way, the end result is the same. No audio.

      Hope you guys will help me out with this.



      Edit 1: Will I have to uninstall Animate and reinstall this, so that AME comes wrapped with it? Will that help?

      Edit 2: Request all of you who are helping me out to send all related mails to {address removed by moderator}. Prosenjit is a friend of mine who is more conversant with computers and software than I am. He often helps me out with general issues with different softwares.


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