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    Large scale AIR applications?


      I'm currently looking into replacing a client-server solution consisting of appx. 200 forms and I am evaluating FLEX/AIR as a potential solution. We are planning to run all the logic in WCF services and access them through SOAP from the client.

      Are there any large (with 100 windows or more) applications out there running on AIR and using SOAP to access data?
      Are there any specific limitations on the size of applications developed in AIR?
      Is there anyone in these forums considering writing large business applications using AIR?

      Regards from Iceland
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          rrhyne Level 1
          There shouldn't be any size limitations, if you can do it online, you can do it in air. The only thing I would have a concern about it connectivity to a DB. If you are uploading form input to the web, you are going to have to have 2 extra layers between the app and the online db... the AIR app structure + javascript to transfer data vs. a webpage submitting that data straight to a server side script.
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            I am involved in a large flex/air project which I would consider to fall into the enterprise category. PM me and I can give you some details on the good and bad.

            The company is studiocloud and we provide Studio Management software for photography studios.