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    output query in excel template


      just want some advice on how should i do this thing...

      i have an excel template with this format

      http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Bm41qk00otI/SLYA5Md5j7I/AAAAAAAAAB8/GK0Y2PW-5JI/s1600-h/excel_x. bmp
      sheet name : studentlist
      row header 1 : no
      row header 2 : studentno
      row header 3 : name

      i have a query like this
      <cfquery name="studentlist" datasources="mydb">
      select studentno, name from student

      my task is, i want to output the studentlist recordset to the excel template in that StudentList worksheet and write to that excel starting from row number 6.

      how do i do that?

      using cffile and append? i have try it and successfully if using new workbook and new sheet not updating an excel and predefined sheet.

      thanks for the suggestion guys...