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    Time remapping bug with lights and imported null from Cinema4D (aec)




      I'm working on a video clip project where I did 3D renders of a moving car in Cinema4D. I also exported a AEC file to get the front and rear lights position of the car. I imported everything in After Effects.

      My compositing hierarchy is as below:


      --- Pre-Comp with 3D render



      -- Pre-Comp with car lights position and flares



      - Main Comp with the car Pre-Comp (Collapse Transformation to get the shadows; hidden here to get a better view) and Background



      This way I can adjust the car position, duplicate, good enough!

      For this scene I needed to speed up the car mouvement so I did a time remapping on the car Pre-Comp. I don't know if my compositing workflow is the best but now, as you can see in this video I made (here: Dropbox - AFX_TimeRemap-BUG.mp4 ) I have glitches and issues with my lights position. In this screencast the first part is the second Pre-Comp (with car lights position and flares), second part is the main Comp without time remapping and the third part is with time remapping.


      If you reached the end of my topic well done! My question is: are these glitches and bugs part of my compositing workflow or is it a AE bug? ^^


      Thanks guys