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    Resizable Artboard?


      I've been using Adobe Sketch and Draw for a week or so now, to work with some, shall we say, rather large and high quality images, and I was trying to find some way to change the Artboard size in Sketch, and I haven't found anything to help me with this so far. I'm trying to do this because my linework keeps bugging out and keeps going super low-res after a while, or if I undo quite a few times, turning all pixelated and blocky and it causes the linework quality to suffer, causing frustration and more work. Is this a possibility as of this time? Or is this not yet possible?


      I'm not 100% sure this is the exact question that might help solve the issue, but I'm more then willing to offer more info if it helps fix this, since I've ran through several projects worth of images trying to work with this, and it's quite frustrating to have a line that took forever to get right, only to have it blur out and turn all pixelated and blocky not too long after.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          I'm not entirely sure I understand your question but it might be more clear to me if you can tell me what version of Draw you're using and, what device you're on, and what version of your mobile operating system you're using.


          Let me know and we'll go from there.



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            Endius Level 1

            I am using a ZTE Warp Elite with Boost Mobile carrier, with Android OS, the version of Sketch it says on the App Store says 1.0.201, but I'm not a hundred percent sure where to find my OS version. I checked my phone's options, and it says "Android Version: 5.1" I'm not sure if this part helps, but i did get the two other parts up.


            Hope this helps.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Endius.


              Yes. That does help. Still fairly new, Sketch for Android doesn't yet have the option to create additional (or custom) canvas sizes but I'm not sure that it would solve the line work problem you're seeing in the app.


              About your trouble with pixellation and blurring lines... Is there any way you could send me screenshots of what's happening with your drawings so I can show them to the product engineers? You don't have to post them here, you can send them through the in-app feedback (tap the hamburger icon in the upper left then Send Feedback; it will get to me) but it would be really helpful to see what you're seeing.


              Also, are you having any troubles with Draw?