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    Lightroom: Canon 1DX Mark II import issues


      To begin, yes I have updated Lightroom, yes I have updated and installed Canon RAW!


      Here is my issue, I just got a new Canon 1DX Mark II and shot a couple of test shots and attempted to upload them to my Lightroom CC.  I am using a Sandisk CFast card with its reader. When I load the card it appears on my desktop, it does not load into Lightroom.  Once I open LR I can see the drive and the images under folder as the EOS Digital and the DCIM folder contains my images. However, it did not create a 2017 Folder where all of my images are housed.  I can edit the images as long as the drive is installed yet the moment I remove the card from the reader I get a question mark on the drive an unable to access the RAW images.


      About to go on a sizable shoot in a week and need some help resolving this issue.  I just converted to LR from Aperture within a year, therefore it may be a basic issue that I am unaware of yet need some support.