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    Missing the INBOOKLET.PLN plugin and because of that I can't save my files normally

    Awitmer Level 1

      Hello everybody!


      I am having an issue with Indesign CS6 that I would like to get some advice

      on. I have a few files that were created with older versions of Indesign

      (like CS2, CS4, and CS5.5) and when I open them in CS6, Indesign gives me a

      message saying that the file I am opening uses plugins which are not

      available on my system. The plugin it says I am missing is INBOOKLET.PLN. I

      usually just click ok, but then every time I try to do a normal File>save

      command it brings up the Save As dialog as if I had never saved the file. I

      can overwrite the file and close it down and open it up again and the same

      thing happens all over again. Can anybody give me some tips? I would greatly

      appreciate it!