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    Mocha in AE 2017 - complete fail?

    Alexander Eberhard Level 1

      I need to 3D track a file. So I select the file in AE and run MOCHA. MOCHA then wants me to open a file??? Why doesn't it the selected file?


      Even if I click open a file not even any file of my system will be accepted saying "unsupported format". I tried mp4, mov, mobil format everything. How does it work? Are there any general settings to run?


      Do you guys know any good tutorials?


      Thank you!


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Go to the Mocha (Imagineer Systems site) and check out their tutorials. Most YouTube AE/Mocha tutorials are done by amateurs and often do not teach effectively or even demonstrate efficient and reliable workflows. You must vet your trainers. Also, you need to get your terms right. Mocha AE is not a 3D tracker. Mocha Pro has that ability. Regular Mocha is a plainer tracker suitable for corner pin and motion tracking tasks, and it is very good at that for a lot of shots. After Effects has a Camera Tracker. There is no 3D tracker that comes with After Effects. Not all shots will Motion Track, Motion Stabilize, Camera Track or Track in Mocha. There are some shots that will not track in any software.


          Also, many consumer and delivery formats are not supported. You should either render your original footage to an image sequence (png or tiff) or use the default Lossless preset from the Output Module in the render cue to insure that your footage is compatible. Be sure to trim the footage before you render your DI (digital intermediate) so you are only working on the frames you will actually use in the production. There is no reason to spend time on frames you will never use.


          If you have other problems please let us know and show us the footage you are having problems with along with a detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish. There are almost as many workflows as there are types of shots....

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            Alexander Eberhard Level 1

            Thank you Rick. I will try that an get back to you.

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              yoeldiamante Level 1

              im having the same issues. is not a tutorial thing. i tried the same workflow than in previous version, but i get exactly same problems that you said. it seems actually like a complete fail.
              edit: already try updating adobe (july 2017). no difference.

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                A lot of problems arise because Adobe bit off more than it could chew.   In the early days of the 21st century, Adobe had positioned itself as "Sofware for everyone!   Just come with us!   We will will show you what to do!"


                They couldn't follow through on their promise.   They had some very OLD software.  They had not kept up with the times.  They kept modifying old software when they should have been writing new software that kept up with new requirements, new operating systems, new file types, and new hardware.  So now, Adobe finds itself between a rock and a hard place.  Do they keep doing what they   did in the '90's, or do they try to play catch-up with the rest of the world?


                They chose catch-up.


                Now Adobe is burdened with terribly old core code, a reputation that says, "Adobe is the gold standard", and trying very hard to meet the demands of today's users.


                It is NOT a happy place to be.


                They are doing their best, but the Adobe Marketing Department keeps saying. "We need this feature to keep current!  We ned that feature!"


                And so the software writers have to balance the Marketing Department's demands against user demands.  They are only human, and they sometimes fail.


                There will be inevitable bugs.  There will be things that are now broken that were not broken before.  There will be things that just do not work, because Adobe now relies on its day-to-day users to be Beta Testers.


                It is not a pretty situation.  Do I think Adobe will rise above the vey deep hole i has dug for itself?  I don't know.  I keep waiting for something better than After Effects or Premiere Pro or Photoshop or Illustrator to arise from another software developer.  So far, it has not yet happened.


                So I think Adobe is living on borrowed time.  Its creative applications may survive.  I am not certain that they will.

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                  yoeldiamante Level 1

                  GOT IT! install quick time real alternative 1.8 (exactly that version).unninstal other versions.
                  That did the trick for me. back to game. AE 2017.