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    Reflowable ePUB displays plain text  as a URL in Google Play Books

    Chris Panny Level 1

      I was putting the finishing touches on a reflowable ePUB that I previewed in iBooks and Google Play Books. It previews fine in iBooks, but there's one instance in PB where a plain text date range is displaying as a URL link, with the default blue color, at the default zoom level. If I press my finger over the text, it highlights as a URL. To add to this oddity, if I pinch and zoom the text, it then displays as it should, as plain text.


      The date range looks like this:  08/14–15/82


      • I've tried deleting the text, including the white space before and after it, and then manually typed it back in to clear out any possibility of "rouge" characters that might be causing this.
      • I cracked open the file and loaded the page in Chrome with developer tools active, but there is definitely no anchor tags there.
      • The only thing that "fixed" it was removing the dash character, however I need the dash in there. I also swapped out the dash for an En dash but this didn't resolve it.


      In the screenshot below, the first one is what I see at normal zoom. The 2nd is after i pinch-and-zoom. The third is what I see when I press my finger over it to highlight it. At this point, I think the dash is causing this, but it's a bug with PB.


      Any thoughts?