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    99 out of 100 video plays - why doesn't video play?

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      I made a training website that has video clips on it along with text in Muse.  I exported the HTML files, viewed them locally, send a ZIP of the files where others downloaded them and viewed them in their browser and all works great.



      They then uploaded the files to test.  Keep in mind this is for employees in a closed invironment.  There's a wide variety of savvy and not savvy users.  One person didn't even know how to press the play button to start the video.



      Anyway, here is a link to the same page without all of the content and with a test video:






      In a test of 100 users looking at the pages on their computer, 99 of them reported the videos play (similar to above).  Only one person cannot get any of the videos to play on their computer.  I do not know what kind of browser they were using so I don't know what their browser's settings are.  I also do not know if they viewed it with Apple's browser or a Windows based browser.


      To clarify, the HTML files made by Muse are now on a web server where these 100 people are viewing them.  One reported the videos not playing.



      But the point is, out of 100 users, 1 reported the videos not playing at all.  I'm guessing this may be a firewall or browser issue but am not sure.  Has anyone reported something like this?  Does anyone have a guess as to what the problem is?